Why you need an acrylic planner board and what to consider when buying one.

When people think of a planner, most will think of beautifully binded paper journals and diaries. But these planners are called personal planners for a reason - they help to organise just one person and are not something you can ideally share or pass around.

Large format wall planner boards are the ideal solution. Yes, you may have seen large message or communications boards in large organisations, or perhaps you have worked somewhere where you used one. With everyone’s lives getting increasingly busier and busier, these are an essential planning tool for any home and all work places.

We started Siisti a few months ago because the market didn’t provide a high quality, durable, safe, and recyclable or green wall planner that met our needs. The options were few. Those we found lacked sufficient writing space, were made from cheap inferior whiteboard materials resulting in staining, they looked cheap and industrial (not in a good way!), and some were just phenomenally expensive!

That’s why at Siisti, we only sell large format planner boards in layouts we know are the most functional, and simple enough for anyone to use. Of course, we hope to add a couple of new layout designs as we grow but we’ve kept it simple to start.

How to use an acrylic planner board.

Using a planner board really is no different to how you might use a personal planner journal or diary, or a paper desk pad. You might just use a different system of colours or symbols to help organise different people, activities or even teams.

The boards are made from a thick cast acrylic sheet, which can be written on using any brand of non-permanent markers made specifically for glass, mirror and acrylic surfaces, such as chalk marker pens, and some brands of whiteboard markers.

All our planners come with the equipment to mount them onto a plaster wall. Having them up on display means everyone can see everything at-a-glance, and they can quickly update the planner or leave messages for each other.

Don’t be put off if you don’t have somewhere to mount a wall planner. Our planners, particularly small and medium sizes, make excellent reusable desktop planners. Simply lay them flat alongside your laptop and use them like a notepad, or prop them up like a chopping board at the end of your kitchen bench.

You simply need a planner board and a set of markers, and you have the tools to start planning life. You can record as much detail as you feel is necessary. The large format also gives you plenty of space to use the boards to plan milestones for multiple projects, priority tasks, kids extracurricular activities, personal appointments or your weekly meals.

The difference between acrylic and other types of boards.

Don’t get us wrong, there are a plethora of mountable whiteboards, corkboards and chalkboards out there you could use. But who has time to rule up lines and grids and redo them when they get rubbed out or written over? And freehand lines, well let’s be honest they look terrible especially if they are in view of clients and visitors.

We’ve seen a number of places make vinyl adhesive stickers to stick onto conventional whiteboards to create custom wall planners. However, through use and over time these stickers start to become tatty, wear away and unstick from the board. Vinyl stickers also don’t hold up well when using whiteboard cleaning products.

Siisti’s entire range of acrylic planner boards use the latest ultraviolet (UV) ‘green’ printing technology to print its planner designs directly onto the boards. UV printing is superior to screen printing applications typically used on similar products manufactured overseas, and will hold up for a lifetime if used indoors out of direct sunlight. This means our letters and lines will not rub off, fade or wear away with use.

Whiteboards are widely available and common in every office, workplace and even some homes. These boards are an exceptional tool to generate ideas and collaboration. However, the durability and performance varies widely and for higher quality whiteboards, you will pay much more. Generally, whiteboard wall planners that are readily available in the market are of lower quality and end up staining or ghosting with use over time.

The selection of dedicated weekly and monthly planner boards available in the market is dare we say it, limited. Siisti’s planner boards are a truly new and unique product.

clear floating frameless acrylic glass weekly wall planner


How to care for an acrylic planner board.

It is easy to care for your acrylic planner board. No special cleaning solutions or erasers are required.

To remove dry erase chalk markers or remove fingerprints and polish up the planner, simply wipe over with a dry microfibre cloth. To remove wet erase chalk markers, use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe down the planner. If ink residue is still visible, wipe over again with a dry microfibre cloth.

Our clear acrylic planners can also be cleaned with general household window cleaners and water to remove stubborn marks or greasy fingerprints. Any household brand of microfibre cloth can be used.

How to choose the right format for your acrylic wall planner.

Acrylic is lightweight and shatter-resistant making it an excellent product to use in the home or office. Being very strong and highly scratch resistant, acrylic is a remarkably durable product providing the perfect surface for our planner boards.

Clear acrylic planner boards mounted with gold or silver solid metal standoff mounts create the ultimate sophisticated, stylish planning statement piece. You will want to have yours on display.

To ensure your planner is something that you will love to use, you need to choose a wall planner board that suits your needs. We see many planner layouts that have several specific sections for just about everything imaginable that you could be planning for.

The truth is, they just become over crowded and difficult to follow. You need something more simplistic so you can customise to how you plan, not the other way around. You basically just need space to:

  • schedule appointments and events for several people or projects,
  • make notes or reminders for yourself and others, and
  • make quick ‘must do’ or ‘to do’ lists.  

Things you should consider when choosing the format of your planner include:

  • Will you mount the board or use it on your desk top or bench?
  • What size space do you have for your planner?
  • How often will you plan/schedules things in advance?
  • What types of things do you want to plan?
  • How much writing space do you need?
  • What format, weekly or monthly, will work for you?
  • What colour mounts will suit your tastes and decor?

So, if you love to plan or your in need of improving communications, an acrylic wall planner is a great solution to get organised and keep on top of the everyday struggle.

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