Perpetual style acrylic wall calendars and planner boards.

Siisti is a modern take on classic time management tools.

Inspired to create the perfectly curated and styled home, as well as manage the daily lives of our busy families, we needed something simple, easy and contemporary.

Already embracing a minimalist approach to declutter and organise our home and office spaces, has influenced the minimal style of our wall planners and layouts.

Empower and Inspire

Feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day? Tired of having to remember everything for everyone? Struggling to get into a good routine?

Let Siisti inspire you to keep on top of it all while creating beautifully curated and styled spaces.

We believe that well designed and beautiful tools will always get used.

By using a Siisti acrylic planner board you will become more organised and in control of your daily lives. Our planner boards will improve family and team communication and even save you time and money.

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