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How do I install my planner?

Standoff mounts, screws and wall plugs suitable for fixing to most plasterboard walls are included with all Siisti wall planners. All planners come with basic instructions to assist you with installation.

We recommend that two people assist when installing your planner. Follow the steps below to install using the standoff mounting hardware:

  1. Using a pencil and ruler, mark the desired height of the top of the planner from the floor.
  2. Place your planner on the pencil markings so that the top of the planner is positioned on the pencil line. With a level, check your planner is straight and mark the screw positions through the screw holes.
  3. Using a 5mm drill bit, drill holes in the wall where marked for the screw positions. If using your own wall plugs, follow the manufacturers’ instructions.
  4. Push the wall plugs into the holes and tap in lightly using a hammer or rubber mallet.
  5. Thread screw into spacer, and screw spacers into the wall plugs.
  6. Reposition planner over the spacers and fix into place with the screw caps.
  7. Remove the protective film from the front of the planner board. Tip: Use your fingernail to lift the film at a corner of the board.

quick instructions for how to install planners with supplied wall plugs

Note: Use fixing devices suitable to the walls you are installing your planner onto. Alternative fixing devices can be purchased at hardware stores.

Can I hang my planner without damaging my walls?

While we recommend securely fixing your planner to the wall, you can temporarily hang your planner using removable mounting strips. Removable mounting strips can be purchased with your planner as an alternative to standoff mounts.

Please note mounting strips suitable to hold the weight of the planner must be used. Install removable mounting strips as per manufacturer’s instructions below.

How do I hang my pin board?

Removable mounting strips are includes with all pin boards. We recommend at least 3 sets be used for Small sized pin boards, and 4 sets for large sized pin boards.

 Install removable mounting strips as per manufacturer’s instructions.