10 things to declutter this Spring

Spring is always a time of new beginnings and the traditional Spring clean. After hibernating all Winter, the warmer air and longer days make us feel energised and refreshed. Take advantage of this motivation to declutter your home, not just clean it. You'll feel great and will lessen the cleaning load. Bonus!

Here's 10 easy things to add to your to do list to declutter from your home over a weekend. 

1. Socks and undies

Everyone has underwear that has seen better days. Get rid of anything that has holes and is past its best life. Now the undie drawers have been audited you can add socks and undies to the Christmas stocking filler list.

2. Kids shoes

Kids grow so fast. By Summer you realise their sneakers are worn out and the sandals from last year don't fit anymore. Throw our anything that does not fit anymore or is no longer wearable. Check is anything can be passed on to younger children and friends before you dispose them.

3. Junk mail 

If you're still receiving junk mail and catalogues in the mail box, recycle them now. Get yourself a no junk mail sign from the hardware store and put it on your letterbox. Junk mail is one of the biggest causes of paper wastage. So, take action now and start looking up your catalogues online.

4. Excess gift bags and wrap

Are you like me hoarding ALL the gift bags the family receives for birthdays, easter and Christmas? If you're guilty of this you'll know that most of them sit in the cupboard for a VERY long time. Cull the collection to a handful you may need in the next few months, and donate to your kids classroom for art and craft. You'll restock again soon over Christmas anyway. 

5. Unused pantry items

We all have thoose food products we bought to try but didn't really like, or thought we would use again. Just give them away to friends or family who may use them or bin it and move on. It's taking up precious pantry space. Also check for anything that may be out of date.

6.  Bits and bobs

Have you got a small bowl of random things that you have picked up of the floor? No idea what they are for? Yep, same. Check with everyone in the house that they don't belong to anything of theirs, them bin the lot. Outrageous! Maybe, but if you don't know what it's for and it's clearly not needed or being used, let it go.

 7. Skincare and make up

Did you know that most skincare and make up products only have a shelf life of around 6 - 12 months once they are opened? Go through your bathroom drawers and bin any open products you haven't used in the last year. Got any worn out make up brushes? It might be time to replace those too.

8. Kids puzzles and board games

Kids puzzles and games are suitable for certain age groups. If your kids are past that age group, it's time to move these on. Give them away through you local Facebook Marketplace group, or donate to a school or play group who might be able to use them. Sometimes games just aren't that loved or played with. If you have any kids games that aren't popular, give them away as well and free up some space in the cupboard.

9. Garage items

Is your garage a dumping group for things you no longer use but aren't sure whether to get rid of?  Go to the garage, pick up one of those items and put it on your local Facebook Marketplace to sell or giveaway. It's just collecting dust anyway.

10. Medicines

We all love to stockpile medicines and bandages but these also have a limited shelf life. Yes, even bandages. Check your medical supplies and bin anything that has been opened and unused for more than 12 months. For bandages and dressings, if they are more than 5 years old it's time to replace them. Only replace what you would typically have on hand for emergencies.

If you like these decluttering ideas and want more, join our Spring Organisation Challenge here. Our 12 week challenge will help you freshen up your home all through Spring.


What things do you want to declutter in your home this Spring?




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