Where is the perfect place for your wall calendar?

Well! There are some amazing places that we have as favourites, so let's check them out, shall we?

The kitchen. Ahh. The heart of the home, where everything happens. And it means that you will be on top of it all!

The home office. Perfect for those of you that work from home, because it means that you can project plan with ease and see what's coming up without having to have your email open too (and hearing that constant dinging which pulls you off task!)

Hallways, or even by the entrance! It is the last place that you look before you leave (and you never end up walking out the door wondering where you are going!) and is the first place you walk past (so you can pop things straight onto the calendar if they came up while you were out!)

Annnnnd. The dedicated drop zone/prep zone complete with lunchboxes for the kids and all their schooling needs. Ultimate mumlife organising!

Where does your Siisti Wall Calendar live?

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