The Ultimate Laundry Schedule

So the other week Annette shared that she had NO washing. Like, it was Monday. How does one have NO washing?!

Annette doesn't. 

And there's a reason why she doesn't.

She has a washing schedule, and it's one that you can copy too! Simply print off and tape it to your laundry cupboard door.


  • I have 4 washing hampers to make sorting easier - 1 for whites and hand washing and 1 for kids clothes that live in the laundry, 1 for adults clothes in main bedroom and 1 for baby in his bedroom. 
  • Gym or other grotty clothes get put in a bucket in the laundry tub and get washed with everything else, to minimise the need for additional small loads.
  • Towels and linens are put straight into washing machine when they are being changed so they don't get piled up on the floor.
  • upgrading to a larger washing machine to maximise load size has helped heaps.

Any questions?

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