Start your morning right with these 6 steps and a free routine planner

How many times have you read articles and blogs about how easy it is to create a morning routine and stick with it. Many, I'm sure.

Well first, let me tell you that in fact it is not easy to do. If it were, we would all have daily routines in place and be super efficient.

But we all recognise and understand that having routines to set up our day will help to make us a bit more effective and ease the anxiety from everyday stress.

Here's our step-by-step process you can follow to help create your most effective morning routine yet.  

1. Work out your morning routine goals 

There is no point creating a morning routine that is too ambitious and trying to help you do to many things. First, you need to work what results you want to see from following the routine, or alternatively what is the problem you need to fix. Is it to make sure children are ready to go to school on time, or to fit in time for self care before starting your day. The goals will be different for everyone and mean totally different routines are needed to achieve these goals. 

2. Ask yourself if you need a new morning routine

Do you need a whole new routine to get you where you want to be, or do you just need to form a new habit. Most of us already following a morning routine, even if we haven't written it down somewhere. Depending on you goals, your current routine just might need a little adjustment.

3. Audit your current routine

Write down everything you do each morning, from the time you wake up, in the usual order you do them. Include the approximate time it takes for each task. Next to each task, write down a comment or feeling about each one. It could be like a review. For example, does it work, does it take too long, do you enjoy doing it. 

4. Think of actions to take to improve you current routine

Look at your tasks with the most 'negative' comments. If there are more than 3, pick out the top 3 you want to address. You don't want to bite off more than you can chew. Consider if any of these tasks are something you need or want to continue doing each morning. If the answer is no, cross them off your routine list. If yes, write down some quick and easy actions you can take to improve those steps. For me, I recently changed my routine to feed the baby breakfast first in the morning, before myself and the bigger kids. I used to do after I fed myself, but then I started skipping breakfast and eating more unhealthy snacks by morning tea time.

Woman is writing on her fridge planner

5. Write out your morning routine

Now take a fresh piece or paper or our printable planner and write out your new revised routine. Include the approx. time for each task, if time management is the main issue you need to address. Writing things down will not only make it clearer in your mind but to help to make new connections in your brain to help remember the new routine. Shop our magnetic goal charts to write out your daily routine. 

6. Try out your morning routine

So, when starting anything new don't wait for a new week to roll around before you start. Start the very next morning. Think of the few days left of the current week you're in as a trial period. Tick or cross off each of your tasks as you move through your routine. It's better to do this s you go, rather than come back and tick them off at the end, to make sure you're following the order and time you have allocated so you can see how the routine flows.

7. Review the morning routine 

After trying out your new routine for at least a week, sit down with your planner to review the results. Did you complete all the tasks you set out? Consider any tasks that didn't get done or were missed, and why that happened. How did you feel during the week, keeping in mind it can be more challenging when trying something new? It may help to write down your thoughts on paper. 

8. If necessary, make changes and update your routine planner

Considering your routine review, think any further adjustments you want to make to your routine. Re-write your routine to include any new steps or changes you want to make. Keep going with it. The more you follow a consistent routine, the easier it will become. 

Magnetic planners laid out with diary and recipe card

Download our free goal chart to help you design and stick to your morning routine

I mean who doesn't love a checklist?

Our Goal Charts are based on the concept of a checklist and to do list, so you can easily tick them off as you go. They are perfect for helping you create and follow routines, so here is an editable PDF version of our popular magnetic planner.  

Tell us what your morning routine consists of to make your day run more smoothly?


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