Do you lose your keys?

Let me guess. You swear that you put your keys down on the bench, but the next morning you go to grab them and they aren't there. 

Happens to us all!

I get a little panicked every time that I cannot find them though. This memory of mine isn't as good since having kids, and it means that I lose them a little more frequently then I would like to admit.

Which is why we have a set of two key organisers to assist in organising your home (and keys) a little more. They are perfect for those of us who are constantly losing our keys.

It means that you can have a dedicated space for your keys, and if you remember to add them to the organiser, then you will always know where they are!

BUT we have also found another cute use for them, BOBBY PINS. 

Does anyone else lose them, all the time? You’ll never lose them again thanks to these handy organisers. 

Pop one in your bathroom for the bobby pins and the other near the door for your keys 😉

And, maybe it isn't you who loses their keys all the time, but maybe the other one that you live with...



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