3 Tips To Stay Organised With Kids

beautiful kitchen with Siisti on the wall (and fridge) with pink donuts on the kitchen bench

Ahh kids, aren't they just the best. Particularly when they are running around and causing chaos everywhere they go?! It feels like staying organised with kids is something that just isn't possible.

But it is!

Let us show you how you can stay organised even with kids in tow!

These are our three tips:

  1. Prep work. Set anything that you can out the night before so that you aren't left running around feeling exhausted before you've even left the house.
  2. Put it on the calendar. You might think you can remember it, but adding it to a calendar means that it's definitely not going to be forgotten. 
  3. Go with the flow. Not everything with kids will always go to plan, and remember that it's okay. Just breathe and go easy on yourself.

What things do you do in your own home to keep yourself organised with kids?


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