About our acrylic calendars and planner boards

Same same but different.

Not all wall planners are the same. We use premium quality thick cast acrylic that is lightweight and highly resistant to staining and ghosting.

Our layouts are printed directly onto the acrylic sheet using the latest digital UV printing technology. This leaves scratch and abrasion resistant grids, letters and lines. We do not use vinyl decals or striping.

We are conscious of the environment. Acrylic is a recyclable material and our printing process is a greener technology than traditional screen printing methods.

You will reduce your paper consumption by using our perpetual style planners and not using traditional paper calendars and diaries.

Siisti acrylic wall calendars and planner boards will last a lifetime when cared for properly.

Wall planners don’t have to be ugly!

We are Annette and Hayley, two mum friends living it up in the burbs of Canberra, Australia. We love to renovate, DIY and pretty up our homes one piece at a time.  

But how do you make your organised chaos of appointments, reminders, and other important stuff look schmick?

Others just didn’t cut it. So we created Siisti.

Siisti is made to create inspired spaces to plan, organise and bring order to the lives of busy people and families. Our wall planners are influenced by the minimalist and functional aesthetic of Scandi design, and our obsession with affordable on-trend home decor.

Siisti brings cool to the home or office (or home office!). Be effortlessly organised. Be siisti.

What’s with the name?

Who doesn’t love anything Scandi inspired?  ‘Siisti’ is Finnish slang for cool or wicked but its literary meaning is neat and tidy. We think this is perfectly fitting for what our brand is aspiring to be.

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