40 ways to use an acrylic wall planner

You’ve written in birthdays and footy training for the boys… now what’s next?

Want to take the plunge and buy an acrylic planner or already purchased a wall calendar but not sure if you’ll get your money’s worth?

We get it. it’s like buying that new dress or pair of shoes you just saw online. You loved it at first sight! It might cost a bit more than you’d like to spend, you don’t have any special reason to buy it, it’s not your birthday etc.

The point is, we’ve all settled at some point in time for the ugly, practical things to make our lives a little bit easier. Then, we’ve all stashed those things in the cupboard out of sight when we are entertaining. I know I’ve moved my messy checklists and post it notes off the fridge to a drawer MANY times!

Now, the most practical solution to organise your life is simple and stylish and looks perfectly in place. With simple minimalist designs, our range will complement all tastes and any decor style. So you can keep it all contained without having to hide it away, or replace it when it’s no longer presentable.

But our wall calendars and planners are not just beautiful and gorgeous statement pieces. They truly are life changing for all us super busy mums and dads, bosses, and students.

Ways to organise your household

example of siisti clear acrylic weekly wall planner

Ways to make your health and wellbeing a priority

acrylic weekly wall planner

Ways to plan and schedule quality time with friends and family

example of siisti clear acrylic weekly wall planner

Ways to plan and schedule your work life

example of siisti acrylic weekly wall planner

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